Bold moves towards acceptance...

Same Gender Love has created a must see unique line of greeting cards for two different groups of people.

The first collection of greeting card are aimed at the LGBTQ community with a broad range and at the same time they are for everyone.

Because public attitudes have rapidly changed reflecting greater acceptance, these unique cards fill a void giving a voice with words and a heartbeat that just cannot be ignored... helping with those who want to understand and those who need to be understood.

So Same Gender Love has taken the bold move to write honest, intimate greeting cards sure to pull at your heart strings, putting into words for anyone wanting to express their love for someone on all sides.

Yes, Same Gender Love is aimed at the LGBTQ community, but always remember that Love is Love️ 

The second collection of greeting cards are the most loving caring greeting cards inspired by... and written for our four legged fur friends.

Same Gender Love is a Pet Lovers Paradise presenting “The Madison Collection” featuring The Rainbow Bridge.

These cards are especially unique because for the first time our babies    have a real heartfelt voice.

On the compelling covers of every card for the new family member, one who is not feeling so well, those who have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge and just want us to know that they’re okay, saying good bye and thanks for the life of love they had with us... and cards from them just for fun featuring those very special fur-friends we love. 

Same Gender Love is proud of who we are and who we love, and we are sure if given the opportunity you too will love who we are and what we have created for everyone.