The birth of "The Madison's Collection"

Some things you just cannot make up. The founder CEO/author of Same Gender Love had a most profound experience by the Life, Love & Loss of “Madison”

The better half, so to speak, of same Gender Love was not planned; it was actually a blessing in disguise. I became very close friends to a woman who had four Yorkies, one whose name was “Madison.” I fell in love with Madison...

The experience of loving him I still find fascinating. But losing him, watching his eyes full of life and holding him with all the love I had for him as he was put to sleep in my arms had a most profound effect on me. I experienced feelings that for some time I felt ashamed of, because the pain of this loss immediately reminded me and felt very similar to the loss of my mother. I was embarrassed to tell anyone until I better understood why the connection, certainly I was not comparing anything or anyone to mom… that was until I better understood what I had just experienced… What they had on common was the unconditional love that I got from them both.

Through my grieving process and as I continue to grieve the loss of Madison I created… I had to create was is now known as “The Madison Collection” line of greeting cards not just for Madison or because of Madison, but for the Madison effect... the profound Love that all pet lovers experience.

Yes, a 12-year-old Yorkie who in roughly two years captured the heart of an artist leaving his legacy to be carried on for pets everywhere in what is now known as “The Madison Collection” inspired by their love and anyone who has ever loved a pet. Unique writings that acknowledge their individual personality and the love they have for us, as well as the love we have for our four-legged family members… that’s “The Madison Collection”

So what seemed to be the end of Madison's life was actually the birth of his legacy!