Vision and Mission

By way of greeting cards, branded gifts & apparel Love is Love has created a product/brand that will satisfy/supply two relatively untapped markets. The LGBTQ & PET LOVERS consumers.

Our line of greeting cards aimed at the LGBTQ community, the Love Is Love Collection, has taken on the task of expressing the feelings and thoughts many sometimes struggle with finding the words to initiate those often uncomfortable, difficult, awkward conversations that need, want and should be had, amazingly done in a most loving and caring way.

Love Is Love has done this in the form of the most fascinating, beautiful, marvelously written greeting cards ever on topics regarding the LGBTQ community and its allies. These greeting cards delicately disarm misunderstandings replacing that with education, open-mindedness, acceptance and love.

These greeting cards are for all those we love in our lives, including our four-legged fur family members who inspired the writings of our line of greeting cards called “Madison’s Pet Collection.”

This line of greeting cards aimed at the Pet Lovers community has an amazing way of giving our four-legged fur family members the dignity, acknowledgement and love they have always deserved.  

A marvelous collection of greeting cards that compels any pet lover to feel something because these greeting cards touch the paw prints on their hearts in a funny, thoughtful, loving and caring approach that is both understood and appreciated by Pet Lovers everywhere.

Ultimately the mission of Love Is Love is to create a collection of greeting cards that honestly express love in an intimate, candid way that will be admired for how it unapologetically acknowledges the vulnerability that comes with love in all of its forms fulfilling the void in today’s world about who we love. We are aimed at the Pet Lovers and LGBTQ consumers inclusive to all orientations, cultures, and views simply because Love is Love.

The Promise of Love is Love the Brand is… 

“To always have a Heartbeat of Love in All We Do”

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