Love is Love Boutique has taken on the task of expressing the feeling and thoughts that many cannot seem to find the words needed to initiate those uncomfortable, difficult conversations that need and should be had in the form of the most amazing, beautiful, candid, loving and caring greeting cards ever written.

This is done for all those we love in our lives, including our four-legged fur family members who have inspired the writings of “The Madison Collection” giving them the dignity, acknowledgement and love they have always deserved. Creating marvelous greeting cards that will compel a pet lover to feel something by touching the heartstrings of pet lovers who have footprints on their heart.

Love is Love’s mission is to express love in an intimate, candid way that can only be admired for how it unapologetically acknowledges the vulnerability that comes with love in all its forms. Our goal, in the form of greeting cards, is to fulfill the void in today’s world about all of those we love.